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While recognizing there will always be a need to treat and alleviate the consequences of violence (intervention), we believe that to change the culture, we must move upstream — not just respond to the consequences of violence but work toward the eradication of violence.

The Up2UsNow Child Abuse Prevention Coalition is a collaborative community effort made up of various agencies, organizations, and individuals who have an interest in reducing child abuse in Douglas County.


Conversations in 2008 with key community stakeholders including law enforcement, government agencies and not-for-profits, led us to a community needs assessment which resulted in the development of the Up2Us Now Child Abuse Prevention Coalition. In July 2010, we received a generous Healthy Communities grant from CHI Mission and Ministry funding through their United Against Violence campaign to reduce the incidents of violence of all kinds. Campaign elements include education, public policy initiatives, socially responsible investing and a series of Mission and Ministry Fund Grants designed to promote violence prevention efforts in communities served by CHI MBOs and participating congregations. CHI’s 2012-2016 Strategic Plan affirms this priority.


The Up2UsNow Coalition is a community initiative whose function is to address gaps and improve systems in order to enable families and individuals greater access to prevention services prior to an incident of child abuse. Our success is measured primarily by seeing a reduction in founded cases of child abuse in Douglas County. Our goals, activities designed to achieve them, and budget to carry them out are designed and prioritized by the coalition at large.





It's Up2UsNOW to prevent child abuse.

If you or someone you know needs help RIGHT NOW - call:

Police/Ambulance/Fire:                                                                                   911

To report child abuse:                                                              1-800-305-2903

Battered Person’s Advocacy Crisis Line:                           1-800-464-6543



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