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Women’s Health Week


May 12, 2014


This is National Women’s Health Week (May 11th-17th). NWHW seeks to empower women to make their health a priority and to understand what it means to be well. As we ponder women’s health and wellness, it is important to remember that Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a health issue. According to the CDC, more than one in three women have experienced rape, physical abuse, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in her lifetime. This problem has truly reached epidemic proportions.


In addition to injuries sustained during violence, IPV is linked to adverse health effects, including (but not limited to): depression, substance abuse, arthritis, chronic neck and back pain, migraines, problems seeing or speaking, sexually transmitted infections, chronic pelvic pain, and stomach ulcers. The direct medical and mental health cost of IPV in the US exceeds $4.1 billion annually.


Pregnant women have a 35.6% greater risk of experiencing IPV than non-pregnant women. Abused pregnant women face significantly higher rates of pregnancy complications including anemia, low weight gain, infections and first and second trimester bleeding. Furthermore, pregnant survivors of IPV experience higher rates of depression, suicide attempts, and use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs.


As a member of the UP2USNow Child Abuse Prevention Coalition, I would also like to emphasize that IPV is the number one predictor of child abuse. By preventing and responding to Intimate Partner Violence, we help to make a safer world for our children.


All women deserve healthy relationships. If you are experiencing any form of IPV contact BPA’s crisis line at: 541-673-7867. If you are a health care provider and would like to learn more about how you can help your patients stay safe, please contact me at 541-957-0288.


To learn more about NWHW, visit: http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/


Myste French, M.S.W.

Trainer & Development Coordinator

Battered Persons’ Advocacy



It's Up2UsNOW to prevent child abuse.

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