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Vision Statement

Children growing in safe and loving environments, empowered to meet their full potential.


Mission Statement

To prevent child abuse and neglect in Douglas County through collaborative system changes, utilizing evidence based practices.


Our Goal


The goals of the Up2UsNow Douglas County Child Abuse Prevention Coalition are to shift the community norm from intervention, (responding to child abuse after it occurs), to prevention, (stopping abuse before it starts) and sparing the great social, emotional, and financial impacts of child abuse.

We will:

Decrease the incidence of founded cases of child abuse and maltreatment 5% by 2015 and 10% by 2020 and

Reduce the number of screen-out cases of child abuse and maltreatment that become open cases 5% by 2015 and 15% by 2020

• Founded cases = cases where abuse was found to exist by investigators

• Screen Out cases = cases that do not reach the states definition of ‘risk’ and are not investigated by Child Welfare

Progress: 28% reduction in founded cases of child abuse from 2010 – 2015

25% reduction in screened out calls of suspected child abuse 2013- 2015


2015 Statistics: Founded cases of child abuse and maltreatment – 176


~ Oregon Child Welfare Data Book 2015.




It's Up2UsNOW to prevent child abuse.

If you or someone you know needs help RIGHT NOW - call:

Police/Ambulance/Fire:                                                                                   911

To report child abuse:                                                              1-800-305-2903

Battered Person’s Advocacy Crisis Line:                           1-800-464-6543



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