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What is it?

The Up2UsNow Media Project is bringing teens together to create peer-to-peer messages for use in social and traditional media to advance awareness of child abuse, bullying, sexual assault, substance abuse and other issues important to teens and help end it in Douglas County.


The Up2UsNow Media Project is a series of workshops to teach creative teens how to use media effectively to send clear messages that help people to change behaviors. Using social media networks and newly learned production skills and support, each participant will produce will produce effective messages to be aired on local television, social media, YouTube and nationally through prevention partnerships.


Additionally, each workshop will offer insights into teen issues by prevention professionals, local resources and support systems as well as how to respond when faced with the issues.



What's in it for me?

You're creative. But are you effective? Sending a competent message and having someone change behavior is also an art. Learn production and social media skills from professionals and up the ante with your creativity. See your work published and distributed. Be part of something bigger than yourself and have fun doing it.



How much time is it going to take?

You must agree to attend each workshop and completion of a media production assignment after each. Each workshop will be 2 to 2 ½ hours long.



How much does it cost?

Zero dollars. It's totally free!



What about transportation?

You will need to provide your own transportation. If you are selected and this is a hardship we will work

with you to try to find transportation for you.



What equipment do I need?

Your brain - the creative side for the artsy stuff and the thinker side for the learning stuff. If you already

have a camera, cell phone or other production equipment, please bring that information to the first






It's Up2UsNOW to prevent child abuse.

If you or someone you know needs help RIGHT NOW - call:

Police/Ambulance/Fire:                                                                                   911

To report child abuse:                                                              1-800-305-2903

Battered Person’s Advocacy Crisis Line:                           1-800-464-6543



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