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The Up2UsNow Coalition is involved with many abuse prevention activities and projects throughout the area.


Healthcare Committee

Click for Babies:

• A chance for the community to get involved with child abuse prevention by knitting newborn sized purple caps. Caps serve as a visual reminder to never shake a baby. Delivered to the Mercy Family Birthplace in November.


Community Resource Baskets:

• Baskets full of community resources that include counseling, domestic violence support, child abuse prevention, sexual assault hotlines, parenting classes and family support are placed in multiple medical offices and businesses around Douglas County.


Bathroom Initiative:

• We place information and phone numbers for services for Intimate Partner Violence victims and survivors in bathroom stalls in medical offices, restaurants and other businesses around Douglas County.


Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Screening Trainings:

• Training is offered and provided to medical professionals on how to screen their patients for Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Screening Questions for Electronic Medical Records System (EMR):

• We are developing a tool for the EMR to assist medical practitioners in screening for domestic violence and child abuse


Media Committee:


Youth Media Project:

• A peer to peer video awareness project spreading the message of child abuse and violence prevention using social media


Spotlight on Douglas County:

• Appearances on local television to discuss events, issues and prevention messages specifically related to Douglas County


Community Awareness:

• Multiple efforts using local television, radio and print ads to raise awareness and promote child abuse prevention efforts


Supporting Families Committee:


Family Support Project:

• A new and innovative project working with community partners to identify high risk families and link them to individualized prevention services that will increase the families protective factors



• The development of a database that will allow agencies to share information on how to best serve families individual needs while reducing the incidence of service duplication


Opiate Task Force:


• Efforts to place a medication drop box in all local pharmacies and health care clinics

• Education to all patients being discharged from our local hospital on where medication drop points are located

• Peer X Program for middle school students on the dangers of prescription and other drugs

• Multiple annual ‘Medication Take Back’ events throughout the year

• Provide rural fire departments and EMT’s with life saving anti-drug kits for overdose cases



Legislative Committee:


Policy and Practice Change:

• Research and create legislation to reduce the incidence of child abuse by effecting change through Policy and practice’s within our business and judicial communities



Human Trafficking Task Force:


• Training to UCC Truck Driving School Students using the Truckers Against Trafficking curriculum

• Education for UCC Nursing, Dental Assistant and Paramedic students on risk factors and signs of human trafficking

• Trainings for law enforcement officers, security officers and advocates on signs of human trafficking and resources

• Community awareness events

• Trainings to medical providers and office staff







It's Up2UsNOW to prevent child abuse.

If you or someone you know needs help RIGHT NOW - call:

Police/Ambulance/Fire:                                                                                   911

To report child abuse:                                                              1-800-305-2903

Battered Person’s Advocacy Crisis Line:                           1-800-464-6543



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