Youth Media Project

2017 - Roseburg Workshop 1


Workshop #1: Prevention – March 7, 2017

• Prevention Messaging

• Topic Choice

• Begin Developing Ideas


Effective Prevention Messaging includes:

• Reflect the language of the target audience

• Speak to the audience’s core values

• State facts and statistics

• Use a positive message

• Be action oriented and offer solutions

• Tell a story

• Promote positive social norms

• Link issue to oppression, disease, social issue or teen issue

• Present issues as a community problem, not an individual problem


Developing Your PSA:

• What is your topic?

o Ask yourself, is there an issue effecting my community? My peers? Something I feel passionate about?

• What sort of PSA will you produce?

o Raise Awareness – bring attention to your issue

o Call to Action – Motivate others to take action on your topic

o Provide Resources – Give others information where they may seek either additional info or support for those wanting help or more info

• Who is your target audience?

o What demographic is your message aimed towards? Teens, a certain age group, parents, young professionals?





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