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2017 - Roseburg Workshop 2


Workshop #2: Technical – March 14, 2017

• Framing: Angles, Shots

• Camera Movements

• Lens Types

• Frame Rates

• Lighting


Framing Your Shot/ Camera Angles:

• Effective use of angled shots to show position, reflect height, strength and/or weakness of subject

• Over the shoulder shots for conversation

• Rule of Thirds – Framing you subject into the left or right third of a frame, use of negative space

• 180’ rule for framing conversations – establishing location in conversations, keeping subjects/ audience oriented

• Panning camera movements right/left (swivel camera)

• Crabbing camera movements – moving the camera to the left or right following movement of a subject

• Zoom in/out

• B-Roll – cut away video

• Establishing Shot – Establishes a location where next frames of action takes place



• 3 Point Lighting – lighting in 3 areas of subject to reduce shadows

o Fill Light – fills in lighting areas to reduce shadows

o Key Light – main lighting on subject

o Back Light – fills in from behind to create halo effect

• Warm vs. Cool  Lighting –

o to show season / time of day / setting

o provoke a feeling of comfort/security (warm) or sense of warning (cool)


Pixars 22 Main Rules for Story Telling


Prevention Messaging:

• Make sure the information you include is correct

• Focus on Values

• Use positive reinforcement – show what to do rather than what not to do

• Provide factual websites/info/scientific facts where appropriate






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